D.R.E.A.M."Developing, Refreshing, & Empowering All Minds" Inc.

Our Programs

Dream Mentoring Program


  • With the collaboration of school district partners throughout the great state of Florida we provide mentoring to students in Grades 3rd through 12th through the Dream Mentoring Program. Students learn skills such collaboration, communication, and compassion for others through our researched based mentoring programs. 

Character Education Program


  • In our Character Education Program individuals learn to  demonstrate respect towards others, practice self control, and develop proficiency in many other significant morals, concepts, & values essential to achieving success and becoming global leaders in our fast paced evolving world.

Child Allowance Program (CAP)


  • There are many parents who are not able to reward their child when he or she achieves academic or behavioral success. We address this need through our Child Allowance Program. We reward students grades 6th - 12th with cash and other gifts donated to us when students demonstrate academic or behavioral success in schools.